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Davis Collegiate Conference Secretariat 2012-2013

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Secretary-General for Davis Collegiate Conference: Sana Sareshwala

Hello delegates! My name is Sana Sareshwala and I am the Secretary General for DCCMUN 2012. I am a second year at UC Davis, double majoring in Political Science and International Relations. When I’m not spending time in MUN, I like to cook, take pictures, read, and go on hikes. I have worked with many human rights campaigns and organizations, such as The Girl Effect, NCAPDA, and Soroptimist International, and I take great interest in advocacy projects. Model United Nations is very dear to me and it is my honor to work with the delegates and the staff as the SG of this conference. I look forward to serving you as the Secretary General of Davis Collegiate Conference, DCCMUN 2012, and I anticipate an exhilarating conference ahead!

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Director-General: Yvette Emery

My name is Yvette Emery and I am a 4th year International Relations and Japanese major. MUN has been my hobby for over 8 years now and it is my go to activity when I'm feeling stressed out. I also enjoy reading the news on a daily basis and I like to keep up with international events. I also love learning about Japanese culture; everything about it, the history, language, customs and most importantly food! One more thing, I am totally obsessed with K-pop.

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Undersecretary-General of Public Relations: Elizabeth Goldman

Elizabeth Goldman is a third year Psychology major with an emphasis in Biology.Elizabeth has been an active
member in the Davis Model United Nations club since her freshmen year at UC Davis. In the past she has served
as a secretariat member for the club, DCCMUN, and DMUNC. This year Elizabeth is happy to serve as Historian
for the Club, the Under Secretary General of Public Relations for DCCMUN and the Under Secretary General of
Delegate Services for DMUNC. Aside from the Davis MUN club Elizabeth is a Resident Advisor in the dorms for
freshmen students. After graduating from Davis, Elizabeth hopes to attend medical school to become a pediatrician.
In her spare time Elizabeth enjoys running, reading, baking and watching movies with friends. From Laguna Hills,
CA she enjoys spending time at the beach with friends and family when she is back in So-Cal.

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Undersecretary-General of Committees: Brendan O'Brien

Brendan O’Brien is the type of guy who would write his introduction information in the third person. When not
dealing with school-related business, he can usually be found playing bass in his rock band, playing video games,
watching anime, or working on his science fiction novel. He also is a certified politics and international affairs
junkie, which goes a long way toward explaining his passion for Model UN. If you want to really impress him, bring
him tea or a fine cheese. He is currently alive and is most certainly not a zombie, vampire, werewolf or any other
1950’s B-movie monster.