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Carpe Diem Charity Gala


This year, for the first time, the UC Davis Model United Nations has decided to take on the endeavor or hosting our first charity gala! It will be held on Thursday night, May 23rd at the ARC Ballrooms. Doors will open at 6:30pm. We have decided to call this event the Carpe Diem Charity Gala. This is because so often in a busy life, one thinks about the hardships that people around the world face, but is frequently too preoccupied to put their sympathy into action. We hope that by putting this night together, it will give people the chance to seize the day as one to help people and give back charitably within their demanding schedules. 

The event will be a catered sit-down dinner with music and speakers. The benefiting charity for this year’s gala will be the organization Barakat. They work to build schools in impoverished parts of the world and more information about their mission can be found on their website, We chose Barakat because they are working to improve areas in three United Nations Millennium Development Goals: end hunger and poverty, universal education, and gender equality. 
We are very excited to be holding this event and we look forward to updating you about the progress we are making! 

The person in charge of this event is Eren Kavvas, and if you would like to contact her with questions, feel free to email