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Davis Collegiate Conference

Dear Delegates,

On behalf of the UC Davis Model United Nations, I invite you to the 4th Annual UC Davis Collegiate Conference. My name is Sana Sareshwala and I am the Secretary General of DCCMUN 2012. Please reserve November 10th-11th
2012 on your calendar!

This two day conference offers a diverse mix of committees, ranging from specialized committees such as UNPBC, to crisis committees, such as The Harry Potter Committee: Post Ministry of Magic Era. We look forward to well-researched and enthusiastic delegates. 

In addition, we will be having a Delegate Social on Saturday night, so we look forward to seeing you there as well. There are multiple hotels and housing facilities in downtown Davis, which is less than half a mile away from committee rooms. Davis is a unique city offering a vibrant and diverse community in a serene environment. In addition to being the bicycle capital of the country, Davis has a variety of parks, including the beautiful and peaceful Arboretum and modern spectacles such as imported red double decker London buses!

If you want to expand your adventure, the state capitol Sacramento is a 10 minute bus ride, and San Francisco is a one-hour train ride away, leaving the possibilities of travel endless. If you are thinking about flying to this conference, the Sacramento airport is a 20 minute shuttle or bus ride, as well. 

If you or your club is interested in attending this conference, please email me at and inform me if you would like to receive further emails in regard to this conference and I will add your email to the listserv. The delegate fee will be $40 per delegate and $40 for school delegation fees. We will be releasing country assignments on October 1st, 2012 on our website, so please reserve that date and register then.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sana Sareshwala
Secretary General, DCCMUN