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Note: Check Position Papers tab to find out how to write a position paper and where to submit them. 


Large Committees (50 to 80 delegates)

Disarmament and International Security (DISEC)

Prevention of Arm Trafficking into Latin America, Private Militaries

Prevention Guide, Prive Militaries Guide


World Health Organization (WHO)**

Pandemic Prevention

Topic Guide

Legal Committee (LEGAL)

Designer Babies, Modernizing the Geneva Conventions

Topic Guide


Medium Committees (30 to 50 delegates)

UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) *updated topic guide as of 4/24/13*

Ethics of Drones in Warfare, Human Cloning

Topic Guide

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) **

Fungus Outbreak in US, Bee Population Devastation

Topic Guide

Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC)

Peacebuilding and Post Conflict Recovery, Industrialization vs. Green Jobs

Topic Guide


Small Committees (20 to 30 delegates)

Security Council (SC) * **

East China Sea Tension, Open Agenda

Topic Guide

African Union (AU) **

Combatting Poaching in Sub Saharan Africa, Ensuring Stability in South Sudan

Topic Guide

Specialized Committees

Historical Cabinet Simulation (Note: Single delegation, topic guide indicates double which is a typo)

World War II

Topic Guide

International Criminal Court

Prosecutor vs. Abdallah Banda & Saleh Jerbo

Topic Guide


* Denotes committees that may have double-delegations due to small membership of committee


**Committees that will have crisis topics during debate.



More Committees may be added later.