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United Nations Security Council 2030

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Chair: Robby Boparai

Hi. My name is Robby Boparai. I'm a 5th year Animal Science major who is graduating in December, and have been in MUN since high school. MUN has helped me shape the way I communicate with people. After I graduate, I plan to work towards acceptance into a Master's program for Computer Science. I've chaired many MUN committees for middle school, high school, and collegiate MUN committees and look very forward to chairing the Security Council for DCCMUN 2012. I really enjoy juggling and and have re-started a juggling club here at UC Davis this year.

With the unrest of civilization increasing with each passing day, being aware of the state of politics around the world and addressing global crises are more important than ever. I look forward to an educated as well as educational debate and sincerely hope that everyone who attends my committee will leave not only with a broader understanding of the world, but with a sharpened set of skills necessary for dealing with those problems. Good luck to everyone attending. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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